Smartphones take a big and meaningful part in our lives. They allow us to chat with friends, search info online, book a table in a restaurant, buy clothes and pay our bills! 10 years ago we couldn’t even imagine that all that stuff we can do using just a small device! This is the main reason of increasing the demand on the mob development. Many startups and not just only startups have many issues and questions when they choose a concept for their idea, a development team for the project and one of the most important questions you have in your mind is – Which platform will be the best one for my app? What platform should I choose to start with? iOS or Android? Of course, if your budget covers 2 apps at the same time – that’s the ideal situation. But what if it is not? Let’s figure out, how to choose the right app development platform? Here we will talk about native apps. The first thing you need to focus on is your audience. Ask yourself – who will be your main users and what is the main purpose of the app? So if your target audience prefers Android (e.g., Europeans prefer Android and Americans prefer iOS) it will be reasonable to start from this platform. Main benefits of Android platform: Google Play policy is very flexible Many apps are free for users tells us that Android is the most popular platform now Android devices share around 22-25% of the smartphone market, iOS – only 15-17%.[a1] Main benefits of iOS platform: If you want to win the US market -iOS would definitely be the best choice From the development viewpoint, iOS app is a little bit easier to develop as there are around 10-20 devices only; Android has more than 100. So if you select Android to go with, developers will need to create a user-friendly app which will run smoothly on all devices. Speaking about iOS there are only 20 devices that need to be supported. iOS applications run only within Apple products, so it will be easier for you to understand how many people have Apple device with them. You can look through some reports of Apple Company and understand clearly your target audience. As you can see there are many things that could be crucial when you are trying to choose the right platform. Based on our experience with the customers we can suggest first to answer the easiest question – what is your goal and who will use your app? Then it will be easier for you to get oriented correctly and make the right decision.