Visual real estate is very important to completing profitable trades each day. Multiple monitors allow you to monitor several opportunities at once. This feature is a very important to those who need to trade multiple currencies at the same time. Several currencies demand that you watch a group of markets simultaneously. The arrangement and display of your multiple monitors is important to your comfort in being able to view this information all at once. If you are a full time trader, you will be in front of your trading computer for large blocks of time daily. This means that comfort is important to your productivity. Traders have several options in how to display multiple monitors. Your trading computer monitor stand is an important purchase. In most cases, this stand will be holding a significant amount of weight. These are some great tips on what to look for in you trading computer monitor stand. If you are okay with loosing more than half of your trading desk space, you might not need to purchase a stand from a third party. Your trading computer monitors will come with a desktop stand just like you have on your flat screen TV. This allows you to use three or four monitors side by side to gain additional computer desktop space. There are certain limitations to this type of set up. You will only be able to add as much as 3 or 4 monitors because of the limit on the available surface space on your desk. Ergonomically, this might not fit your needs either. Some users might find that this is a strain to look from side to side with this horizontal set up. Your next option is to purchase a heavy duty stand that is going to allow you to have two lower monitors and two upper monitors in a configuration of 4 monitors. This set up can be duplicated to add 2 or 4 more monitors. You might be skeptical about using your monitors in this way. You won’t regret the decision to capitalize on the vertical space to alleviate some of your desktop space. You might even find it more efficient to look up at your charts instead of side to side. You can accomplish this by purchasing a dual or quad monitor stand. These stands have articulating VESA connections so that your monitors are adjustable from side to side and up and down. Through these functions you can really create a nice curve to the monitors for easy viewing. Your ability to see all of the pertinent information during your trading day is vital to being able to accomplish your daily goals. Comfort is also key to your productivity. You will find that investing a couple hundred dollars in a heavy duty stand for your stock trading computer will be worth it to have both of these features.