Your trading computer is the center of your trading business. The reliability and dependability of this machine directly affects your success. There is too much to risk in not ensuring that you have the best trading computer to work on each day. Your computer is just as important as speed of your Internet connection. The best practice would also be to have a back up connection accessible for your trading computer. This will allow you to always have a lightning fast connection and a back up connection incase your main line ever goes out. Your Internet connection is the lifeline to the trading markets. This means that you never want to be caught in a situation where you need to change your stop losses and you don’t have a way to communicate that message because your internet when out on you. This type of situation could be a nightmare for any trader. At any given moment there is a lot of capital on the line. You spend most of your day focusing on doing all of the right research and spotting the exact right indicator for a breakout that you were looking for. Without the ability to communicate your buys and sells at the right time, you are dead in the water. Your main connection should be the highest level of speed that your provider offers. This is not an area that you want to save money on. Imagine you save fifty dollars a month by purchasing a mid level Internet package from your local provider. Then on an important trade your Internet speed dips down and you send your sell in a few seconds too late. You just lost out of a profit of $5,000 dollars. This could be much higher depending on what type of trader you are. Now spending that fifty extra dollars a month seems minimal to never have to lose out on that kind of capital gain again. The most successful traders don’t even allow themselves to be put in this situation. The best thing you can do is pay for the highest speed Internet up front. Installing a backup connection isn’t a bad idea either. This further protects you from the possibility of encountering a loss. You can find affordable connections from your cellular network that will allow you to use an alternative source for your Internet incase your main line ever looses its speed for a short period of time. This is also beneficial if you are required to travel. You can take a dependable Internet connection with you on the go. This allows you to have peace of mind about the speeds you will be able to receive for trading while you are on the road. There are certain costs that you will encounter in setting up the right situation for successful trading. A great Internet connection and the best stock trading computer are a few of the main costs that are worth investing in.