Today as the world’s population is on the ascent, everyone wants to live more and avoid preventable deaths with the desire came the advent of machines. Healthcare is an industry that is being disrupted by the technology. As hospitals and healthcare Institutions nowadays are grabbing every possible chance to augment patient care and maintain with the latest new technologies and device, Data Science is throwing big opportunities and even bigger challenges. Health care is an obvious exemption. Data if managed properly can have life-or-death importance in healthcare , but many organizations just can’t aggregate data efficiently to gain insights into wider care processes. Without an accurate data science study, health care organizations can’t work on a huge volumes of data in an organized, strategic way, and clinicians can’t utilize that outcome to enhance safety, quality, and accuracy of the care they provide. Read More: Digitization of Health sector has seen health records grown gigantically. Consistently, there is a huge amount of data being produced through machines for example ECGs, x-rays, pathology labs and other sort of imagine and signaling machines, but this information is of a very complex and sizeable format. The concern department has to deal with increased patients, more information and very less time. Normal processing on this sort of data is impractical because this data is unstructured and to retrieve useful information and analyzing this turns out to be exceptionally difficult. This is the place Data Science comes because of its ability to handle voluminous data which not just has high velocity and variety that is profitable and can be utilized to improve the health care. With about 1 billion clinical documents being produced in the United States annually, scientists and doctors have a pool of data to research on. Moreover, vast amount of health-related information is being made available through extensive implementation of wearable devices and technology. This presents new opportunities for better, more informed and secured healthcare. How is the Data Science services used in healthcare? Gathering and collecting the big amount of patient data produced from a variety of sources. Analysing the gathered information for a variety of purposes – for example; advanced patient care and business intelligence. Applying the analysed results to enhance the effectiveness of patient care systems and ROI of business forms. Consolidate and analyse a variety of organized and unorganized data-EMRs. Capture and analyse in real-time large amount of fast- moving data from in-hospital and in-home devices, for safety observing. Apply progressed analytics to patient’s profiles to distinguish individuals who might get profit from proactive care or lifestyle changes. Data Science is developing as an excellent leader that deals to manage the enormous amount of data in a digitized form. The approach is showing signs of improvement as a number of companies like Canopus Data Insights have ventured in the challenge to give the best healthcare analytics services. With the effective data analytics approach provided by Canopus, it is easy to plan and manage the decision related to medicinal services issues.