Structured Query Language or SQL is a standard language for accessing relational databases. An Online SQL Editor is an innovative way of providing advanced database analysis tools online for making analysis simple, thereby boosting productivity. An Online Structured Query Language Editor offers rich features in a simple intuitive interface making database analysis easier even for non-IT users having no SQL skills. It allows users to build, edit and run SQL queries online and generate meaningful charts and tables in real-time. The advantages of SQL are its online availability, accessibility from any location and at any time through a web browser, and allowing users to view and manage databases over the cloud. An Online Structured Query Language Editor is designed for use by both IT experts wanting to write their own code and business users with no programming expertise. What sets an Online SQL Editor apart from similar database analysis tools is the ease of use, even by analysts and other non-IT professionals. It allows managers and decision makers to be in charge of their own data and independently generate actionable insights for making decisions to manage their businesses better. Features of an OnlineStructured Query Language Editor SQL Editor: Provides the standard features of an Structured Query Language editor allowing users to execute, save, and upload SQL queries Execute Multiple Statements: Allows users to execute multiple SQL query statements simultaneously and displays results in different tabs SQL Explain Plan or Server Execution Plans: This shows how a query will be executed, useful when troubleshooting query performance. It explains a query plan with execution details allowing users to boost performance and efficiency Online SQL Formatter: Provides the ability to format SQL queries, highlighting statement syntaxes in different colors for easy identification SQL History Viewer: Also saves the user’s SQL history for easy review later. History can be sorted on the basis of runtime or SQL query Upload / Download : Allows users to upload or download SQL from their computers Upload and Run SQL in Background: Enables users to upload and run SQL in the background, also providing the ability to monitor the progress of Structured Query Language for large databases Data manipulation: Offers all advanced text manipulation features like Find, Find Next, Clear Find, Replace, Replace All, etc. that are available in standard Structured Query Language Export Results: Also provides the functionality to export results in a variety of formats like .pdf, .csv, .html, etc. Building Charts, Data Grids: Query results can be viewed in a variety of 3D charts. Users can also build data grid items for creating dashboards Such a wide array of features leads to a lot of benefits for users. Some of the primary advantages of an Online Structured Query Language Editor can be quickly summarized as below: No Software Installation Required and Quick Setup Anytime, Anywhere Access from any computer device – PC, laptop, smartphone Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface Automatic Structured Query Language Code Generation Advanced SQL Query Box to enter code manually Easy Sharing Capability Real-Time Dashboards Robust Comprehensive Support Online SQL Editors give the easiest and most convenient way to access and manage a database. It is a novel solution for organizations of any size.