A graphic designer is a professional who designs and creates different types of graphics to be published through printing or electronic media. For a layman, web designing can be a very complicated thing because it needs talent and along with that, one needs to get a competent educational qualification, training certification in the field to be competitive. How to Become a Competitive Graphic Designer in Dublin Graphic Designing is a quite complicated term so one must be equipped with all variety of skills in order to be in the top of the game. Here are some well-rounded skills to become a competitive graphic designer in Dublin. 1. Formal education and on-the-job training: If one has to make his dream come true of becoming an expert in graphic designing, he must need some formal education and on-the-job training. If possible, along with bachelor’s degree from a professional school one can attend a graphic arts program which usually includes principles of design, computerized design, studio art, printing art, website design, and commercial graphics production. Getting knowledge is not sufficient; one must practice it to become an expert. In general, one to three year of practical experience is required before someone is viewed as an expert. 2. Find your own unique style: Anyone can pursue a degree in graphic design, but not everyone can have what it takes to be a graphic designer. Developing a unique artistic style is very important because many times repetition of style brings the structure into a design. If you develop a strong, artistic voice, then the customer knows your design style. It is being said, you should also be able to give your own special flair to every new project. 3. Master Typography: Though the typography is subtle and often overlooked, with the knowledge of typography, there is a huge difference in advertising, graphics work, and design portfolios. Since the letters come in all different shapes, forms, and colors, it is up to you to identify which typefaces will effectively communicate a given message. Many of the graphic designs consider typography as the official language. so, are you are ready to become fluent in this language? 4. Understand web design: This is the era of internet and one can find fully-integrated web component in every advertising campaign that he works on. There are tremendous possibilities that companies and potential clients may choose to advertise their product online more than anywhere else. One can do anything from designing websites, user interfaces or blogs when he can become master in web coding languages. 5. Learn about photography: Web designers who pursue graphic arts must also be understood about photography. If one gets the idea of how the camera works, how to illuminate and frame the subject, he can gain benefit and it can become a valuable skill that will improve his design work. Attending an art college is a pathway to learn photography. All in all, one must be focused towards his dreams if he wants to be on the top of the world. Consistent and persistent efforts will help him to become a competitive graphic designer.