What is graphic designing? Graphic designing is the process of visual communication and problem solving, graphic designing is a visual representation of ideas and messages to promote or deliver messages using visual images, typography and layouts. Jon of a graphic designer is to use typography, imagery, composition layouts to solve the problems of visual communication. Common uses are brand logos publications in newspapers and magazines, advertisement posters, websites visual contents. By using software, computers graphic designer draw ideas of communication for the inspiration, sharing information and capturing consumers so the main purpose of graphic designing companies is to provide their services for promotion of brands in form of advertisements posters and magazines etc. Responsibilities of a designer A designer should be able to create multiple design of a single project Able to understand the requirements of clients and project for perfect creation Able to use tools and techniques of designing to deliver project Able to communicate with his team effectively Also responsible for advertisement duties Problem solving abilities. Different designations and salaries of graphic designers Following are the different designations of graphic designers, Senior designer $120,000 Designer $80,000 Junior designer $45,000 Print artist $40,000 Web designers $90,000 Production managers $100,000 Content developers $40,000 Digital designer $50,000 Salaries mentioned above are the averages salaries of different designations, salaries can be vary in different countries and companies. Techniques of graphic designing Balance Colour harmony Colour theory Compositions Design the edges Layouts Positive space Negative space Texture Typography Usability Graphic designing techniques is a lesson of very short lessons about making your words, images work well it’s about beauty, clarity and functions. Most of the peoples have no idea how influence they are by how things look, look of something wither a white paper or as dramatic as film posters has huge effects how people perceive it and receive it, for an effective web design services you should focus on three things like type, image and layout plus logo design your purpose should be to bring practicality and beauty to your design. One of the best ways to think like a graphic designer is to think out of the box look at things from different point of view try anything to spark your creativity. In graphic designing, graphic designers face heave competitions it is important for them to keep up with the trends, latest technologies and techniques.