Internet usage and awareness has become the essential part of everybody’s life today. Many of us access Internet from our homes as well as while on the go. These days, Broadband Internet connection is considered as the more reliable amongst the users as it provides high speed and allowance of data. If you are going to buy any Internet plan for the first time, you should identify all the existed types of plans and their advantages. Here are some details mentioned:- Cable Internet Today there are many people who love Cable internet connection as it is convenient and reliable. This type of Internet connection offers high speed and also available in many packages. In these packages, you will get package including cable TV, cable internet and telephone connectivity. Mobile Broadband If you are a business man and a frequent traveler, mobile broadband or 3G networks will be the best option for you. This broadband is one of the latest developments in low-cost high speed connections. But it will work in the area having a good cell phone signal. DSL DSL Internet service is provided by many top telecom companies. It is very affordable as it involves a phone line. This service works as dial up service being delivered over phone lines. By using this service, you can receive phone calls while accessing the web. Moreover, you can also download large files more quickly as compared to other services. Besides, this service also supports watching streaming videos like movie clips from various related sites. T1 Line A dedicated 1.5 Mbps connection between ISP and your location is called T1 line. This line is usually used by organizations and businesses where the guaranteed up-time and reliability are important as compared to cost. Now-a-days, the cost of T1 broadband internet is gradually dropping. Satellite Internet In Satellite Internet, you will get internet access through satellites. In this regard, you have to install small satellite dish to transmit the required signals. It works in those areas where other high speed internet services don’t work. This internet service is expensive as compared to other services. However, it is very fast than a 56k modem dial-up connection.