Magento the prominent eCommerce open source platform understands the importance of Internet marketing for enterprises, and that is why it provides unique and powerfully capable extensions which accommodate the business demands. Furthermore, Magento social media plugins are available which helps greatly in obtaining best for the eCommerce store rank and lead generation. Collectively with SEO and social media marketing, your Magento website ensures to get the much-wanted hike. Notably, start-ups can find Magento valuable for building their brand recognition. Some of the best extensions for Magento websites among several available are Yoast Meta Robots, FaceBook Connect and Like, Google Content API, MageMonkey Mailchimp, Semantic SEO. If you are an aspiring businessperson, you must be well-known with SEO- Search Engine Optimization and its association with an ecommerce website. For ranking the eCommerce websites in the top search engine results you need to apply several online tactics for upgrading the site. For enhancing the Magento eCommerce site’s SEO and Social Media Marketing Capabilities, scroll below for an exclusive list of notable extensions. Yoast Meta Robots Extension Yoast Meta Robots Magento extension is practiced with in the coding for crawlers to identify and index the website content in their database. It limits search result pages to list pages without content, the registration and the sign in pages and also fix custom robots tags for product or service pages etc. MageMonkey MailChimp Integration For a prosperous online marketing campaign, email marketing is an essential tactic. Magento supports in integrating MageMonkey Mailchimp extension by employing the integration of mailchimp email API. It maintains several Mailchimp mailing list, web communities and Webhooks to keep both the Magento and MailChimp emails in synchronization. Facebook Connect & Like Extension Facebook is the most popular social media platform and is efficiently resourceful any business which requires audiences, readers or customers. Getting the most out of Facebook is by engaging users, creating forum pages and integrating Facebook Connect & Like Extension lets your business achieve greatly. Furthermore, this extension enables a secure link for Magento store to the Facebook profile page, allowing users to sign-in to the web store using their Facebook account credentials. Google Content API for Shopping Extension You can directly transfer your eCommerce store to Google’s new API while ensuring that the specification and product data is visible in the search result. For the accomplishment of SEO, catalog or product details must be indexed in Google. This Magento extension aids you in doing it without any hassle. Semantic SEO for Rich Snippets Extension Rich Snippets is an efficient magento extension which helps in the publicizing data of prices, availability, delivery options, product images and more on the search engine. You can increase 30%+ (CTR) Click through rates with this Magento extension. Conclusion Sharing the products and their specification data to a broad audience across various social media network is necessary for your eCommerce Magento website. Magento provides noteworthy SEO and Social Media Marketing extension, which are presented above in the article.