Yahoo has gained prominence from the day; users started getting registered with the email services provided by this popular search engine. With large numbers of people accessing the internet at frequent intervals, they often visit to check their personal or official e-mails and perform necessary activities on mail account which generally include sending and receiving of mails with attached files in the form of text, image or video file. There are certain issues occurred because of voiding terms &conditions by email users or due to technical glitches in the mail server that lead to suspension of the email account. Why Email Account Get Suspended? Know the Exact Reasons behind That Mail Server was not responding due to overload. Spam activities performed by users. E-mail account accessed from unknown location and phishing activities performed by hackers. Sudden compromise of mail accounts by scammers. Complaint received from recipients for sending the virus and other infected files from specific e-mail account via attachments. Methods to Recover or Re-Activate Suspended Yahoo Email Account The user should have signed in at least once in the mail account in at least 12 months. Visit official website and make sign-in attempts by opening a new window or tab of the browser. Try to login in with the login details of the deactivated or suspended mail account and click submit button in purple color Confirm your email address by providing the complete mail address of e-mail account. For example Once the e-mail address is confirmed, captcha code needs to be entered in order to make the computer system identify that user is a human being, not a robot. Click on the “reactivate” button by scrolling down to the bottom of the page which will finally reactivate the suspended account. As the process of mail account re-activation takes 24-48 hrs, it is advisable to wait patiently for the account to get activated. An email user cannot recover the mail account as the suspension is permanent due to malicious activities performed by the hacker. The other reason behind account suspension is that users have not complied with the terms and conditions. An appeal against e-mail account suspension may work in case of false violation but it’s totally a waste of time. In most of the cases, appeals are voided and it really becomes an uphill task for the e-mail user to regain the access to an inactive email account. No Yahoo Phone Support Available!! What to do? As phone support is not provided by yahoo, it really becomes more difficult for the mail users to recover suspended mail account. The best option is to avail online technical support services of Yahoo customer support by dialing the third party Yahoo helpdesk number and the team of qualified experts will be assisting in a much better way by finding out the in-depth cause behind the e-mail account suspension issues and provide instant resolution for the same by applying their technical skills and experience possessed by them.