It didn’t take long for a rugged computer to steadily grow and emerge as a favorite among professionals from a wide range of industries. Here are a few advantages of rugged computers and why they outshine traditional consumer equipment. Lightweight Rugged computers are lightweight constructions as industrial computing has ensured innovative designs are constantly invented. One of the major benefits of innovation is reducing the size of these computers. Today, industrial computers are lightweight and hence, can be used in offices and for industrial use in a better way. Performance in Adverse Climatic Conditions A rugged computer operates to its optimal capacity even in temperatures that range from zero to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. These computers do not let climates affect their functioning in any way. Non-rugged devices, on the other hand, need to be kept indoors especially during cold climates while in hot temperatures, these computers may fail to operate. Easy to Install An industrial computer is very easy to install in your industrial setups and office areas. There is no need for a programming professional to set the computer up for you. Even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of these computers, you can carry out the installation process, as they use the same installation tactics as a personal computer or laptop. Can Stand the Test of Time A rugged computer is specifically designed with advanced features to ensure it offers reliable services at all times. These computers are equipped with power supplies and a powerful hard drive that ensure they have a longer shelf life. These computers are very reliable as they operate seamlessly in difficult conditions such as hot and cool climates, dust and vibrations. Rugged computers are well-tested so as to ensure that their efficiency is never compromised. Offer Enhanced Visibility A rugged computer comes with anti-reflective coatings, glare reduction, sunlight filtration and brightness ratings that make wide angle viewing, even in direct sunlight, possible. In contrast to this, non-rugged devices appear to look washed out even in indirect daylight while brightness ratings are not of a high quality. Benefit of Long-Term Warranty Generally speaking, rugged devices come with standard warranties that last anywhere for three to five years. These types of computers can even include accidental damage protection that does not come with any additional charge. Durable and Long-Lasting A rugged computer comes with an expandable life cycle and hence, it inevitably lasts longer. On an average, it is said that non-rugged devices comes with a lifespan of two to three years. In comparison to this, rugged devices are built to last and so do so for at least six years. Add to this the fact that they come with a long-term warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you will need to replace the device less frequently.