When you own a laptop you are sure to be using it for several purposes other than carrying out your work on it. At the time of buying most laptops come standalone without any extra accessories that you are likely to be in need of later. By accessories we not only mean the attachments or parts that are extra to the laptop but also some of the integral parts of the laptop that you may have to buy at a later time for the machine to continue to run successfully. Some commonly used accessories In this article we shall discuss about the different types of modern laptop accessories that are useful to the users. We shall first begin by discussing about the external accessories and then move on to those that are integral parts of the laptop but you may have to buy as accessories at a later stage due to any reason. Unless you are given a good laptop bag, which in most cases is rare, it is always to visit a good Laptop Accessories Shop in Mumbai for a specially designed laptop case that is made of rubber or plastic material. This will help in protecting the machine from water, dirt and dust and also protect it while travelling. Most people find it difficult to make use of the laptop mouse and keyboard and are in need of handy and portable mouse and keyboards. The wireless mouse is popular with those that make extensive use of the laptop and also have to travel a lot. There is also there are different types of such mouse with the latest being the 2-in-1 wireless mouse that is right not only for the carrying but also for giving presentations as it comes with a laser pointer. For those of you that have a lot of data stored in your laptop, you would surely want to take a backup on a secondary device for which you will be in need of a USB Hard Drive. These hard drives can have different capacities that can go up to 1 TB. Some of the brands have the extra edge of faster connectivity that makes their operations faster than the conventional ones. External speakers are another popular accessory that a lot of laptop users look for to watch movies or play games on their laptops. There are different brands of sleek, lightweight and portable speakers with high audio capacity that can be operated wirelessly. Now coming to the integral parts of the laptops that are also sold as accessories, one of the first requirements for users is the adaptor. You can check out with the leading Laptop Adaptor Dealers in Mumbai for the one that is compatible with your system. There are the universal adaptors that can be used by changing the parts and the settings according to the individual laptops. Another frequent accessory that the laptop users look for after some time is the right battery to give the correct power support for the machine. The modern laptop batteries are Lithium-ion that is both lightweight and also gives good performance sans the dreadful ‘memory effect’ of the erstwhile nickel-cadmium battery. All of these accessories and a host of others like the different types of cables, hard disks mouse pads and more are sold over the counter or online by the leading dealers in your local city of Mumbai like the Repairit that also carries out the repair jobs.