Unity 3D is a multi-functional cross-platform engine for mobile game development. It allows game app development for 27 different platforms and devices by offering a user-friendly development environment. Game development with Unity has highly attractive features, supportive pricing, and strong capabilities make it a preferable choice among professional developers for mobile application game development. Since it reduces time and cost for game development and enables projects to deploy on multiple platforms. Besides a stack of benefits, Unity 3D comes with a sort of shortcomings which raises a question among developers to use the engine for their upcoming projects. So before deciding to hire Unity developer or Unity game development company, you are required to have a look at the pros and cons of Unity 3D for opting for it as the platform for mobile game development. Pros and Cons of Mobile Game Development With Unity 3D Pros: 1. Cross-platform development: Unity allows cross-platform game app development. It means you have to develop a game app just for once and you can publish it on various desktop and mobile platforms. This feature of Unity makes it a universal tool for game app developers. Once you develop a game and you can publish it on multiple web stores. For your information, Unity supports a total of 27 platforms including iOS and Android. 2. 2D and 3D Support: Unity 3D supports the development of 2D and 3D games with an exceptionally amazing graphics interface. It supports AR/VR which lets you develop AR/VR games. The only thing you need to do is integrate it with third-party tools. 3. Excellent User Interface: With Unity game development, you can easily design an amazing UI with the help of drag and drop design elements. For more customization and experiment into designing you can switch to coding whenever needed. 4. Powerful Coding Capabilities: Unity offers Microsoft Visual Studio as a default integrated development environment. However, sometimes game developers use distinct code editors to write code. With the default IDE, you can use languages like C# and JavaScript but insider strictly recommends using C# for Unity 3D projects. 5. Debugging: Game development with Unity, developers can easily debug and tweak game variables. Because they are displayed during the game play and allow developers to debug the process at runtime. 6. Assets Library: Unity provides a vast assets library, you can buy or add assets for free based on your requirements in the Unity Asset Store. 7. Documentation: The Unity engine provides must-have documentation for novice developers. Detailed documentation for every small topic makes Unity game developers easy to understand the process and its implementation. 8. Strong Community Support: Unity provides strong support from the vast community of developers. Other than this, there is fully functional tech support, tips, manuals and overviews to support your mobile game development. Such quality of Unity is growing its popularity across the globe and making Unity game developer one of the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the US, as LinkedIn reports say. 9. Attractive Pricing Policy: Well, it is free to use but if you want to get the benefit of extra and valuable features, you have to pay an additional amount. However, the Unity game developers can also benefit from Unity’s monetization solutions. Cons: 1. Complex Interface: It is already known that Unity is a feature-rich tool for game app development. However, such an interface of the tool can make you feel overwhelmed with complexity. Although, it allows the use of 3D graphics into your 2D projects to offer a sleek and modern look. In addition to this, you can develop 3D objects and combine them with complex ones easily. 2. Coding Skills: Unity provides drag and drop facility for the game app development. However, sometimes developer requires to code in C# for making some objects function. So whoever is using Unity and want to create something really impressive, require to have knowledge of writing code in C#. 3. IDE issues: As notified above, Unity uses Microsoft Visual Studio as a default IDE. But there is a possibility that sometimes you have to face issues like login requests and confirmation of the registration in the middle of the development phase. It may cause trouble in development and can make you frustrated. 4. Outdated Documentation: Unity provides detailed documentation for how to use its features for mobile game development. However, you won’t get detail or documentation for some of its special features due to outdated or nonexistent documentation. So sometimes developers require to google or ask for community support for tips and advice. 5. License Cost: While using Unity game development, if you want the best graphics, deployment and performance improvement. Unity developers have to purchase expensive licenses. Besides these, you can utilize rendering, buffer support, stencil support, and several other features. However, you have to spend a little more on such expensive licenses which increases the development cost. 6.Memory Hogging: The game developed using the Unity engine utilizes much more space than others. It raises a huge chance of OOM errors and debugging issues in the apps. Final Words As we all know, every coin has two faces, Unity also has some downsides and benefits. But its benefits overcome all its downsides. It is good to develop mid-size and small games. You can use the great functionality of this powerful tool. On the other hand, it is free and easy to learn. You can use the free version of this tool if you are on a tight budget. Because it offers a variety of features. Still, if you require additional functionality then you have to spend money on the paid version. Consequently, the Unity game development cost will increase automatically. Or if you want to stay away from all such tensions, you can prefer to hire game app developers from a reputed mobile game development company. It will not end your complications about how to use features to develop game apps, the requirement of coding skills and all. But also, he will create a highly powerful gaming app using Unity 3D.